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Silverton: Claims On The Heart 12/19/2014
Detour: Destination Abiding Love 12/12/2014
Wayward Hearts: Softcover 12/05/2014
Wayward Hearts 12/05/2014
Christmas Eva 12/01/2014
Christmas In the Rink 12/01/2014
Deep Freeze Christmas 12/01/2014
Plundered Christmas 12/01/2014
Silver White Winters 12/01/2014
Sleigh Ride Together with You 12/01/2014
Snowflake Kisses 12/01/2014
Annabelle's Angel 12/01/2014
A Splash of Christmas 12/01/2014
The Mayweather Christmas Quest 12/01/2014
Drummer Boy 12/01/2014